Sunday, October 6, 2019

Fielding Flyouts with Bryce Harper - Baseball Pro Tips

Outfielders need to be on their toes and in the know with every batted ball. Baseball pro Bryce Harper knows that once the ball is hit toward the outfield, he needs to get his mind moving.

As you’re tracking the fly ball and practicing your outfield fundamentals, be sure to think through your play. Answer the questions: Who is on base? How many outs are there? What is your route? Where is the next play going to occur? Understanding what to do after catching the ball is necessary because it can increase your on-field efficiency. A quick throw can give your team a better chance of getting runners out on the basepaths. It’s pivotal, though, that you remember to make the first out with a secure catch. You cannot advance in your technique without that first out.

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