Thursday, September 19, 2019

Plate Discipline with Bryce Harper - Baseball Pro Tips

The strike zone is an important part of the game for batters to understand. Knowing it can help you extend at-bats, force walks and improve your on-base percentage. Baseball pro Bryce Harper walks through his hitting approach when it comes to selecting and waiting for the right pitch. Knowing balls from strikes — as well as sticking to his approach, regardless of the pitcher — is vital to his batting success. Find out more in this Pro Tips breakdown for improving your plate discipline.

From Rich Lovell - The Baseball Barn: 
Many pros/elite hitters may not completely understand ‘how’ the swing actually works, but when it comes to approach, they are the best in the world. Listen and learn how to approach an AB from Bryce Harper. Great advice on looking for your pitch. I’ve used a similar phrase and approach when working with my hitters since teaming up with Epstein Hitting 10 years ago; “Get your pitch and hit it hard!” Be a student of the game.

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