Monday, December 3, 2018

Private Hitting Instruction

With the right instruction and consistent work, your swing can be transformed like this player:

Work with 1 of only 7 - Epstein Hitting Master Certified Instructors to identify your swing faults through video analysis. Plus, receive 1-on-1 instruction with customized follow-up video drills to work on fixing your faults.

People often ask; " What makes Epstein Hitting so successful?" The answer is simple-it works! A little more detailed answer is, it is the process of identifying swing faults and having a PROGRAM/ PROCESS to correct those faults. With the readily available use of slow-motion video, anyone can compare players side-by-side to see the differences. However, Rich Lovell has the tools, training and Jake Epstein's support and time-tested drills to create a plan focused on the player's needs.

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