Thursday, December 6, 2018

Coming Soon: Blast Motion

Rich Lovell & Epstein Hitting has partnered with Blast Motion to bring you the best combination of technology and instruction.

How it works!
By purchasing the Rich Lovell Hitting Select Package, you not only receive a Blast Motion sensor, but also a Blast Connect Premium Subscription linking you directly with Rich Lovell! Now, every swing you take with your sensor will be recorded (with all data metrics and video) and archived for Rich to view at any time. Now your personal video annotation will include 3D metrics along with high-speed video.

Here's what's included:
* Blast Motion Sensor (for Baseball or Softball)
* Blast Connect Account (so you can store videos and share with Rich)
* Rich will review your data every week to mark trends and complete a motion analysis review of your swing once per month.
* One 30 minute in-person lesson/month with Rich. Must be scheduled through Rich.

This will be a very limited offer available only to the first 20 baseball/softball players. If interested, Contact Rich at to reserve a spot!

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