Tuesday, September 4, 2018

The High Tee Baseball Batting Drill with Kris Bryant

Working with a batting tee can be helpful to an athlete looking to improve their swing. Discover how professional baseball player Kris Bryant uses a tee to train with these tips.

Using a batting tee in your batting practice session is a tried and true way to help improve your hitting mechanics. When live pitching comes in, however, the ball's not going to be set in the same spot every time, which is why mixing up your tee work throughout your training can be helpful in mastering swings for the entire strike zone.

One such drill to add depth to your batting practice is the High Tee drill. All-star third baseman Kris Bryant praises this routine, especially for younger players progressing through their competitive leagues.

Watch the video to learn more and discover even more baseball tips with Pro Tips!

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