Friday, April 13, 2018

Mike Trout on Sharpening Your Swing

By many measures, reigning AL MVP Mike Trout is still just a kid. But at 25 years old, he’s already accomplished more than most adults. In 2012, he won the AL Rookie of the Year Award after scoring 129 runs, still a career high. Two years later, he took home AL MVP honors. And in 2016, he led MLB in on-base percentage (.441) and runs scored (123) to win the award a second time. The New Jersey native, whose father played in the Minors, grew up around the game. Now, he’s eager to share what he’s learned on his way to the top.

Imitation Game
My dad played baseball, so once I touched a bat, it was [like] an instinct. I'm competitive, so I wanted to be good at it and play to win.

When I was a kid, I played Wiffle Ball in the front yard. Ken Griffey Jr. always had that sweet swing, and I would [practice his] stance every once in a while.

Hit ’Em All
When you’re in the cage, you’ve got to have fun. Hitting off a tee gets a little boring after a while. If you add something to it, like a target game, it will help. My teammates and I actually put up targets, and you get points if you hit them. You can also put another tee somewhere else in the cage, and try to hit the tee. Our team is always thinking of new games to play in the cage. That way, you’re working on your swing, but you’re still competing while you’re doing it.

Warning Track Workout
The best part of the game to practice is hitting. I love to take BP. And when I’m in the field during BP, I get to rob home runs.

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