Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hey Blue! -Umpiring Myths and Truths

MYTH - The batter is out if he starts for the dugout before going to first after a dropped third strike.

TRUTH - The batter may attempt first base at any time prior to entering the dugout or a dead ball area.

MYTH - If the batter does not pull the bat out of the strike zone while in the bunting position, it's an automatic strike.

TRUTH - A batter must make an attempt to contact the ball with the bat (to "offer" at the pitch) for a pitch that is out of the strike zone to be called a strike. In the bunt position, a pitch that does not pass through the strike zone, and which is not offered at, is a called ball. If in the strike zone, it is a called strike if not offered at, or a "swinging" strike if offered at whether in the strike zone or not. The defense may appeal if the plate umpire calls a ball and the defense believe the ball was offered at.

MYTH - The batter is out if a bunted ball hits the ground and bounces back up and hits the bat while the batter is holding the bat.

TRUTH - Two things here. First off, the bat doesn't hit the ball a second time; rather, it's that ball that rebounds and hit the bat. Foul ball. That is, IF the batter is still in the batter's box. However, if the batter has left the batter's box and the ball hits the bat (or the batter-runner, for that matter), then he's out.

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