Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hey Blue! -Umpiring Myths and Truths

MYTH - The hands are part of the bat.

TRUTH - The hands are not part of the bat; they are part of the batter. If a pitched ball hits the batter's hands while trying to avoid being hit, you have a batter hit-by-pitch. The ball is dead and the batter is awarded first base. If the batter is swinging at the pitch when hit, you do not have hit-by pitch. You have a strike. The ball is dead, but there is no base award; and, if it's strike three, the batter is out.

MYTH - If on a checked swing the batter breaks his wrists, it's a strike.

TRUTH - A swinging strike is a judgment call. Breaking of the wrists, passing of the bat barrel over the plate, and other similar actions are guidelines, not rules.

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