Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Unlock Your Hidden Potential

The key to activating the neuromuscular system is through the eccentric component of muscular contraction.

Let me explain in simpler terms. Most everyone has done a bicep curl with a dumbbell. When you lift the weight up (the curl) you are contracting the muscle or shortening it.

This is the concentric component of the contraction. When you let it back down you are stretching the muscle. This is the eccentric contraction.

When you jump up in the air you are contracting the muscle and when you come back down and land you are stretching the muscle. You are shortening and stretching the muscle and this is called the plyometric effect. In order to throw hard you need to be explosive. To be explosive you need to have a well defined neuromuscular system. Some people are born with a more activated neuromuscular system and some with a less defined system. Either way this system can be improved.

How do we improve it?
We need to train it.
We need to activate it.

Medicine ball training targets the core of the body. The core of the body is responsible for transferring force from the lower body to the upper body. The core of the body acts as a stabilizer which is extremely important in the pitching delivery. The medicine ball is resistance. When you apply force to that resistance with intensity you are training the body to be more explosive. You need to be on a good conditioning program that incorporates both lower body plyometrics and upper body plyometrics. You need to be doing these exercises with high intensity and proper form. 

The cool thing is, these exercises can be utilized by younger kids...as long as they are using proper form and proper weight. I would suggest getting kids involved in this as early as nine years old. Over time, let's say when a nine year old gets to high school, his neuromuscular system is going to be much more developed than if he had not done this type of training. In the pitching delivery the body is stretching and shortening, rotating and going through different planes of movement. These movements need to be efficient. Faulty movement patterns decrease neuromuscular efficiency and end up in abnormal joint stress This is where injuries occur. 

Training the neuromuscular system by utilizing medicine ball and plyometric exercises, using proper form, is a great way to build more explosiveness and to also keep the body safe from harm. Over time this can have a big impact on reaching your highest potential velocity and reducing your risk of injury.

Article Source: Pitching.com

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