Friday, June 24, 2016

How To Buy Time On An Off-Speed Pitch

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Are you struggling at the plate when facing an off-speed pitch? This video analysis of Corey Seager by Jake Epstein, hitting one of two home runs against Atlanta will show you how to adjust to an off-speed pitch.

 This analysis is especially important to high school players who are seeing more offspeed pitches than the younger kids. Summer ball is a great time to work on your swing and make improvements on where you struggled during high school baseball. 

For a 22-year old player, Corey has excellent mechanics and on-the-fly adjustments to offspeed pitches. Watching this video analysis will highlight why The Baseball Barn, combined with the Epstein Hitting System, should be a part of your training program.

 Key takeaways to buying time when facing an off-speed pitch:
  • Toe touch
  • Heel plant 
  • Front shoulder stays down 
  • Hands stay still 
  • Sink into legs 
  • Head back 

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Get your pitch and hit it hard!

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