Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Instruction at The Baseball Barn


Batters, do you want to get better in 2015? Hit the ball harder, farther, more consistently and keep your individual "style"? If you are serious about improving in 2015, then schedule a video analysis with Coach Richard Lovell. His comprehensive swing analysis will show you step by step how to improve your swing mechanics to maximize power and consistency. Richard teaches the MLB swing and will show you side by side comparisons with your favorite MLB player and devise a plan to help you obtain your best swing. Contact Richard at rich@vvbaseballbarn.com for more information or visit our site at www.vvbaseballbarn.com.

Pitchers, do you want to improve your pitching velocity and control? Do you want to be more deceptive to hitters? Do you want to learn a new pitch? If you want to be ready to dominate in 2015, then contact Coach Chris Wallace to schedule a video analysis and see what is really happening in your pitching delivery. Nearly half of the pitchers playing today are throwing with arm pain that can lead to injury. With our high speed video software, let us show you the mechanics that may be causing you trouble and costing you velocity and control. Now is the time to be training for the 2015 season. Don't wait, or this year may pass you by. Contact Chris at chris@vvbaseballbarn.com for more information.

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