Monday, September 1, 2014


The Baseball Barn is proud to announce that Andrew Hamel from Prodigy Performance is teaming up with the Baseball Barn to offer a dynamic new baseball performance training class to help you take your fitness and conditioning to the next level:

This dynamic total body conditioning program will help athletes of any fitness level improve fitness and performance specifically related to baseball activities.  Do you want to get functionally stronger?  Do you want to be quicker/faster?  Then this is the training you need.  Fall is when the work is done so that you will be ready to go when Spring arrives.  If you aren't training, you can bet your competition is!

The baseball performance training program will have twelve (12) sessions: two (2) times a week for six (6) weeks.  The class will meet Wednesday evening from 6-7p and Saturday morning from 10-11a. Sessions will begin on September 10th and will end on Saturday October 18th.  

The baseball performance training program is limited to 6 athletes per class so sign up now to guarantee your spot!

Program Cost:

Here is a bit about Andrew:

Andrew Hamel MS, CSCS

Andrew Hamel is the founder of Prodigy Performance. Andrew, has quietly become a highly sought-after strength coach for athletes and everyday people alike. Whether healthy or injured, Andrew has helped athletes of all levels, from youth sports to the professional level, achieve their highest levels of performance in a variety of different sports. Over the past several years, Andrew has developed a niche working within the
local baseball community.

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