Monday, August 11, 2014

Icing the Pitcher's Arm - Why It's Harmful and Doesn't Work

Research has proven that icing a pitcher's arm after pitching does not provide any useful benefit, despite being used by many MLB pitchers.

The real research has proven that Icing is actually harmful. Icing the arm actually slows down recovery time and does not reduce inflammation or swelling. The opposite actually happens.

This video is an interview I did with author and icing expert Gary Reinl.

Even though many college and MLB pitchers ice after pitching the current research proves there is no benefit to icing the pitching arm and there is no benefit of ever icing any injury whether shoulder,elbow, knee, hip or ankle.

Here are 4 things you will learn in the video that icing does:

1. ice delays healing
2. ice increases swelling
3. it causes additional damage
4. shuts off signals that alerts to harmful movement

As you can see icing actually create more damage and problems for the body.

So the next time you see someone icing you may want to help them by sharing this video and the link above to the article and the research.

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