Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It is not too late to improve your arm strength for the upcoming season, but the clock is ticking.  When we refer to arm strength, most people think we are referring to your ability to accelerate a baseball; however this is not the most critical component of arm strength.  Training the decelerating muscles of your arm (the brakes for your arm), needs to be a primary focus for all ball players.  The latest research shows that strengthening these vital decelerating muscles throughout the year will help protect your arm from injury, as well as increase your throwing velocity.

Yes, you heard that right.  Strengthening the decelerating muscles will actually improve your ability to accelerate a baseball or softball.  That may sound crazy, but your body doesn't want to hurt itself and will only allow you to accelerate your arm to the point where it can slow it down.

Rick Stassi, our fitness and nutritional expert, has a great analogy for this:  He says "it is like driving a Ferrari with Volkswagen brakes, how fast are you going to drive if your brakes don't work?"  The primary brakes for your arm are the external rotators (posterior rotator cuff muscles) and the scapular stabilizing muscles.

A majority of baseball injuries occur during the deceleration phase of a throw.  After the ball is released arm deceleration forces are estimated to be twice that of acceleration forces while acting over a period of time that is twice as long.

Here at the Baseball Barn, we have a revolutionary product that we endorse and use every day when training our athletes, called The Warm Up CordThe Warm Up Cord is designed to train all of the decelerator muscles used in throwing.  In just minutes a day you can safely and effectively train the entire posterior chain of decelerator muscles.  The Warm Up Cord is suitable for every fielding position in baseball and softball, and is also used for training athletes in other sports which involve a throwing or swinging motion such as football, water polo, volleyball, tennis and golf.

Come in to the Baseball Barn & try it out!  We offer free demonstration!  Once you try it we know you will find the value in The Warm Up Cord.

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