Thursday, March 20, 2014

Momentum Pitching...How To Instantly Boost Velocity By Moving Faster Into A Long Stride

Momentum Pitching was developed in 2007 by Dick Mills and Dr. Brent Rushall. It is a new way for all pitchers to increase velocity.

By taking a step back instead of to the side and pushing into the pivot, the pitcher automatically will increase his momentum because his body will have to move a longer distance toward the plate while moving faster. In Momentum Pitching the pitcher pushes twice. He pushes after he steps back so he forcefully moves into the pivot and he pushes again once he initiates back leg drive.

Thus that added energy from the body stretching out fast into a stride 100% of the pitcher's height or more...more elastic energy is created which is the source of velocity for all pitchers.

Sport science research has proven that arm strength has little to do with improving velocity. Velocity is all about momentum, speed of movement going from the back leg to the front leg and a long getting the arm involved as late as possible.

Sports science research has also proven that the faster an athlete moves the less chance of mechanical error...which is completely opposite to what most coaches believe and teach. Thus why so many pitchers today do not maximize their velocity because they are moving their bodies much too slowly and robotically.

What has been learned since January of 2007, when Momentum Pitching was developed is that it is much easier to teach and learn than conventional pitching where tempo is slow and every pitcher is told to reach a balance point. There is no balance point to get to. All a balance point does is slow the pitcher's forward momentum. Balance is easily corrected by all athletes by simply making them aware they are off balance.

If pitchers want to throw fast...they must move fast like Giants's Tim Lincecum...who has the fastest tempo of any starting pitcher in the big leagues and the longest stride to body height ratio. 

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